Sunday, 27 March 2011

Another blog virgin out there

Hey people. As written on the title this is my really first post. I'm Ann Marie, a 15 years old student-turning 16 very soon- from Cyprus who has a flair for fashion. I used to read and still reading fanatically many fashion blogs like the amazing Blonde salad of Chiara Ferragni, a true Goddess of style that is an inspirational source for me. As a student, and still depended on my parents, it's so true that I can't afford easily all those fancy designer items so I'm trying to be as chic as I can with less expensive and affordable clothes that are still fashionable. This is the object of this blog. Teach to you people that you don't need to be rich or have extremely huge loans on your credit card in order to be in style. Be creative with what you have. This is your mission! 

What I'm wearing:
   H&M floral top and blazer
ZARA broques
BERSHKA grey skirt
LONGCHAMP le pliage bag


  1. You look super cute. We love it. Visit...follow

  2. Love florals and studded blazers!
    Thank you doll for such a wonderful compliment!